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Kategorie Komödie, Krimi, Thriller
Darsteller Stephen Rea, Mena Suvari, Russell Hornsby, Rukiya Bernard, Lorena Rincon
Regie Stuart Gordon
Ländercode 2
Laufzeit 82 Minuten
Sprache Deutsch (Untertitel für Hörgeschädigte), Deutsch, Englisch
Bildformat Dolby, DTS, PAL, Surround Sound
Freigabe ab 18 Jahren
Zustand Gebraucht in Top-Zustand
EAN 4011976853787

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Out of sight is out of mind. Brandi is a hard-partying, overworked, nursing assistant desperate for a promotion at the retirement home where she works. After a night of drug binging and partying, she accidentally hits a certain Thomas Bardo a deadbeat and recently evicted man who gets stuck in the windshield of her car. Not wanting to call for help since she is driving under the influence, Brandi chooses not to get Thomas medical assistance and instead drives home and leaves him clinging to his life in the windshield of her car. While Brandi frantically tries to decide what to do, Thomas tries to free himself knowing his time is running out. Inspired by shocking true events. Special Features: Stuck: Making of, Audio Commentary with Director Stuart Gordon and star Mena Suvari

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