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Playstation 3   

Kategorie Sport, Sport, Action
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Simpler. Quicker. Deeper.

From 350 Plays down to 1!
An all-new playcalling system automatically selects the best play based od authentic NFL game plans Add a new level of strategy by creating custom game plans of your own.

Play games in half the time!
Experience all the drama of full games in as little as 30 minutes, featuring all-new play-by-play from Gus Johnson.

Fewer buttons, more moves!
Perform jaw-dropping moves using only the analg sticks thanks a more intuitive control scheme and all-new animations.

Play as a team!
Play up to 3 vs. 3 in an all-new online co-op mode, as each teammate control a set of skill players

Spiel komplett in Englisch!

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