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Kategorie Horror, Krimi, Thriller
Darsteller David Oakes, Liam Boyle, Jack Gordon, Florence Hall, Jennie Jacques
Regie Robert Heath
Ländercode 2
Laufzeit 95 Minuten
Sprache Deutsch, Englisch
Bildformat Dolby, PAL, Widescreen
Freigabe ab 18 Jahren
Zustand Gebraucht in Top-Zustand
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TRUTH: A group of university friends celebrate the end of term with the party to end all parties. Drink, drugs and sex flow in equal measure as everyone lets loose. As the party winds down, the focus shifts to a seemingly innocuous game of Truth or Dare. The party's socially awkward geek - Felix - has a crush on one of the most popular girls there, and this truth is brutally exposed to everyone, and he leaves the party humiliated.

DARE: A year later the five friends are reunited when they are invited to Felix's birthday party at a grand stately home. They soon realise that they are the only people attending, and that this is going to be a very different party from their last one. In a bid for vengeance all are forced to play a sickening and gruesome game of Truth or Dare, where a Dare may well equal death. Sex, lies and murder are all unravelled as the game hurls the group toward the final, fatal twist.

Truth or Dare is a smart, sexy and terrifying thriller with an up and coming cast (Jennie Jacques Shank; Jack Gordon Heartless; David Oakes - The Borgias) for a new generation. Only the truth can set you free... or will it?

Special Features:

- Dolby Digital English Language 5.1 & 2.0
- Original Trailer
- Cast & Crew Featurette

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