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Released straight to DVD as an ambitious love letter to the famed four-piece from Boston, 4AD's ode to the Pixies is a long-awaited dream come true for rabid fans everywhere. Combining live footage, videos, and not one, but two documentaries, the disc gives love to the seminal outfit that changed the face of rock music and then disappeared all-too-soon into infamy. Recorded live on May 1, 1998, at the Town and Country Club in London, the complete live show features the foursome at their best -- stripped down, with their dynamics working on overdrive, this is the time and moment when the Pixies were at the top of their game. With 15 songs culled from their first two releases, the 40-minute professionally filmed gig has all the fire and charm that made them such a singular band to see. Presented in both 5.1 and stereo tracks, the sound and brilliant picture are nothing short of astounding, putting each and every video bootleg out on the market to shame. Additionally, the band's video collection can finally be appreciated as a whole, with famous clips like "Head Long" smashed right alongside little-seen gems like "Veloria," banned from 120 Minutes shortly after being aired. Also included is a new video for "Debaser," directed by 4AD's own Vaughan Oliver

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