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Format UK Import
Edition UK Import
Ländercode 2
Sprache Englisch (Untertitelt), Englisch (Synchronisiert), Japanisch (Originalsprache)
Bildformat Import
Medien 1
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EAN 5060067003791

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This four-episode anime series heavily invokes film noir and classic horror-movie motifs in order to tell its peculiar story with a specific style. Count D is the eccentric owner of a pet store in Chinatown. Here, he sells exotic pets never seen or heard of before to his grateful customers, but not without a price that could be far greater than that of money. He requires that each customer sign a contract at the time of purchase, legally binding them to the promise that they will care for their new pet exactly as instructed. If that contract is violated in any way, the consequences are dire. Just how dire is a question that begins to arise when a series of bizarre and unexplained deaths are reported in the surrounding area, all involving Count D's customers.

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